Gautami and Kamal Hassan are separated in 2016 year which was shocked to everyone. Though, it is not known clear about why both of them are split. But some of the rumors are spread on their separation on social media among of them is the strain in the relationship between Gautami and Shruti Haasan.

Though, recently, actress Gautami gave clarity on separation with Kamal Hassan. She stated that Shruti Haasan did not have any interference in the matter. It is entirely depends on Kamal Haasan’s change in commitment and her inefficiency to agree that adjust and destroy her self-respect. She has shared other issues on her personal life with Kamal Hassan. Currently, her comments are going as viral on social media. People and fans are thinking about how many turns will be taken on Gautami’s comments in the coming days. Let wait and see how Kamal Hassan will be reacted on this issue or not.

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