Water Bottle flung at Justin Bieber again

Jastin Bieber is facing more Despacito backlash. Despacito has taken the world by storm even though not everyone understands the Iyrics, but the craze didn’t play out too well for Bieber over the weekend. Now news reports that when he was asked by a fan at his concert to sing the Spanish hit, he refused to do it, saying, “I Can’t do Despacito. I don’t even know it,” he announced on stage referring to the song he collaborated on with Luis Fonsi and Diddy Yankee.

A disgruntled fan immediately reacted by chucking what seems to be a water bottle at Bieber. The singer successfully dodged the bottle and said, ” Woah, Don’t throw things at me please. This is not the first time that Biber was hit with a water bottle as it also happened in 2013 in Brazil, after which he got off stage and never returned.